Raceway Conex Storage

Commercial • Industrial • Rent or Buy

20ft. Conner Available Empty or Retro fitted

Customize Configurations Available!!

Empty Conex Containers feature:

  1. empty_conexDurable industrial strength conex containers  can be placed on jobsites, gas pads or  commercial sites for temporary or long term  storage.
  2. Locking mechanisms on industrial swing doors  allow your company to secure tools and  jobsite materials safely and securely inside.
  3. Sealed and watertight to alleviate damage to  materials and equipment inside.
  4. Durable Wooden floors designed and  constructed to enable  palletized goods to be  positioned and pushed  back into the unit via  forklift.
  5. Portable and able to be  moved from one location  to another for ease and  convenience.


Retro-fitted Conex Containers feature:

  1. Inside lighted unitThree tier, #9 flat expanded metal shelves  located on three sides with shelves at 2’, 4’ and  6’ to include adjustable shelves located in the  rear of the unit. Shelving is designed as a flat  surface to alleviate cuts and scratches.
  2. Multifunction Metal Work bench made of 3/16”  steel with dimensions of 49”L x 24” W x36” H.
  3. 12 ft of Cold start vapor sealed fluorescent  lighting.
  4. Electrical outlet with  GFI, enabling the use  of 220v generator on  site or electrical supply  from local 110 v.
  5. Double swing doors. 6. Forklift pockets.

These units are safe and durable!

20′ Conex Containers – Retrofitted or Empty for the Gas Industry, Industrial and Commercial uses. We also offer customize configurations!

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